The French Art de Vivre

A decorative item

Lorina, more than a bottle, a decorative item…

You’ve just finished your last glass of lemonade, and your Lorina bottle is empty.
You don’t want to throw such an elegant bottle into the waste bin? You want to keep this piece of France longer?
Here’s a list of some of the ways you can re-use your empty Lorina Prestige bottle.
If you have other good ideas not mentioned here, feel free to tell us about them!

An original vase

If you want to show off one or two cut flowers, the Prestige bottle makes an original and fancy vase.

A water carafe

Once thoroughly rinsed, Lorina bottles make a stylish water carafe for your table. The practical mechanical stopper also means you can have a supply of cool water ready to all times in your fridge.


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